Northwestern Cornerback Brandon Joseph Picks Off Justin Fields With One Hand

Liam McKeone
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Ohio State and Northwestern are playing in the Big 10 Championship Game today. Despite the field not being adorned with any bells and whistles to the chagrin of people who care about that sort of thing, the game was, in fact, played.

And the No. 14 Wildcats clearly did not show up with the plan to let the No. 5 Buckeyes walk all over them en route to a College Football Playoff berth. Quite the opposite. Northwestern handled Ohio State with ease in the first half and headed into the locker room up 10-6.

Their lead was protected by the skills of one Brandon Joseph, the team's best cornerback and one of college football's best ballhawks. Future top-five pick Justin Fields, driving with less than a minute to go in the half, lofted a pass into the endzone that, if completed, would have given his team a three-point lead.

Joseph had other plans. Just look at this.

Ridiculous! The best pick of the year and maybe the best catch hands-down. It'll be the play of the game if Northwestern can pull this off. As a noted hater of THE Ohio State University, I personally hope they do.