North Korea's Defense Development Exhibition Was Insane, Hilarious

Ryan Phillips
Footage from North Korea's Defense Development Exhibition
Footage from North Korea's Defense Development Exhibition /

North Korea is a weird place, man. Video has surfaced of the country's Defense Development Exhibition and, wow, is it something. The video features North Korean soldiers performing feats of strength as Kim Jong-un and other military leaders watched and cheered. The video is both insane and kind of hilarious.

Here's the footage we've seen:

I think we can all agree that at least 95 percent of this video is insane. I mean, I've seen guys break blocks before and stuff, but what part of warfare necessitates taking sledgehammer shots to the hand? Or laying on a bed of nails while concrete blocks are broken on your stomach? I've admittedly never been in the military, but is neck/upper chest strength something that's really important in combat?

Hey look, if South Korea invades with hammers and glass, the North will be fully prepared. They'll certainly win the Great Sledgehammer War.