North Carolina Governor Zinged Georgia About College Basketball For "Religious Liberty"

By Ty Duffy

North Carolina passed a “religious liberty” law, precluding local communities statewide from passing anti-discrimination legislation based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

There have been calls for major organizations to boycott North Carolina to protest the law. The state’s own attorney general termed it a “national embarrassment” and pledged not to defend the law’s constitutionality.

The Atlanta City Council (Georgia’s governor vetoed a “religious liberty” bill) wants the NBA to move the 2017 All-Star Game to Atlanta. North Carolina governor Pat McCrory responded, by zinging Georgia about college basketball.

"“Thankfully, no college team from Georgia made the Final Four again this year. Otherwise, the Atlanta City Council would have to boycott the city of Houston, where voters overwhelmingly rejected a bathroom ordinance that was nearly identical to the one rejected by (the) state of North Carolina.”"

That’ll put the people fighting for humans to be treated with basic dignity in their place. Woo! Go Tar Heels!