Nolan Arenado Says There's 'A Lot of Disrespect' in Colorado So the Rockies Should Get On With Trading Him

Stephen Douglas
Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants
Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Nolan Arenado has erased any doubts he was unhappy with the thought of being a part of the Colorado Rockies this year. After Rockies' general manager Jeff Bridich told the Denver Post that the team planned to start the season with the star third baseman in their lineup, Arenado reached out to

"“There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of,” Arenado said in a text. “You can quote that.” In reaction to Bridich’s announcement, Arenado elaborated. “You ask what I thought of Jeff’s quotes and I say I don’t care what people say around there,” Arenado said. “There is a lot of disrespect.”"

You know how I know he's done in Colorado? He refers to the organization as "there" and not "here." Arenado also said he wasn't mad at trade rumors, which is probably something you would actually welcome if you, you know, wanted to be traded.

Arenado signed an 8-year, $260 million contract with the Rockies last February, a few months after the team had won 91 games and made the playoffs for the second consecutive season. In 2019 they won just 71 games and that seemed to be enough. Arenado has a player-option after the 2021 so the Rockies need to get on with it before decides on one destination. With every day their leverage and ability to create any kind of bidding war continues to diminish.