Noah Syndergaard Appeared In That Epic 'Game Of Thrones' Battle Sunday Night

Ryan Phillips

Noah Syndergaard appeared on Game of Thrones Sunday night during one of the most epic battle scenes in the series’ history. But before we get started a warning: Beware all ye who enter, there be spoilers ahead.

Yes, the New York Mets ace played a member of the Lannister army as it was mowed down by Daenerys Targaryen, her Dothraki horde and, oh yeah, a massive freaking dragon (it was so cool you guys…).

Yes, Drogon was the focus of the battle, but Syndergaard took that fire-breathing right arm of his and put it to good use.

Here are some shots of him in the scene:

Syndergaard’s average fastball velocity before getting injured this year was 98.1, so you know that spear had some salt on it.

But alas, like the 2015 World Series, Syndergaard couldn’t lead his team to victory. He did have a pretty solid excuse though:

He seems to be taking the destruction of the Lannister army fairly well.