No, Floyd Mayweather Is Not Donating $200 Million, Don't Fall For Fake Hurricane Harvey News

By Jason Lisk

Hurricane Harvey is ravaging Houston, and there will be no shortage of stories and photos out there, about various news aspects related to the tragedy. One of those is celebrity donations to help with recovery efforts. We’ve already seen J.J. Watt take up efforts to raise money, and plenty have pledged funds.

But with that comes fake news proffered for a variety of reasons. Floyd Mayweather just raked in a large haul with his fight against Conor McGregor just as the storm hit. That presents the perfect storm to hit upon a fake news hoax.

A website is circulating a story that Floyd Mayweather has made a sizable donation of $200 million to help hurricane victims, and it includes “quotes” from Mayweather. That website,, is designed to look like the newspaper of record, the Houston Chronicle, in the town where the hurricane has struck (their website is

It’s on the list of fake news sites on In recent months, it has been part of a fake Trump quote story, circulated a fake story about a Gospel singer dying that was debunked on, and reported that a Rugby star who is very much alive was shot to death in a drive-by shooting in Paris.

We came across the story being circulated on Reddit, and in doing a search, there are people talking about it.

Let’s use some common sense, though. $200 million is a massive amount of money from one individual regardless of the source.

As always, watch what you share and try to find the source, but it’s especially true in times of tragedy.

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