No, Erin Andrews Has Not Left ESPN

By Jason McIntyre

"“I’m sad to report my co-worker Erin Andrews is moving on from ESPN. We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.”"

Except this loser doesn’t work at ESPN and isn’t a colleague of Erin Andrews. Who has the time and energy to operate a fake ESPN twitter account that pretends to be real?

At any rate, yes, Andrews is in the throes of contract negotiations, as Richard Deitsch noted today. So is Scott Van Pelt, as we mentioned in January. And Michelle Beadle, too.

The word on the streets of Bristol is that Beadle wants to make sure Colin Cowherd sticks around Sportsnation, because otherwise, maybe she’ll look elsewhere (would NBC give her a show? Could Fox come up with something for her?). I thought ESPN could have had something with Beadle and Charissa Thompson … but if the Super Bowl was any indication, Thompson is on Team Andrews. (More on that story … when we can fully confirm it all.)

But I’m hearing Cowherd won’t return to Sportsnation in 2013, thus making Beadle’s situation more tenuous. The guess here: They get her some type of LA-based show.