Nnamdi Asomugha is Not Going to the Jets (or the Cowboys), But the Eagles Got Him

By Jason McIntyre

Albert Breer of the NFL Network was the first to report that the Jets are out, and it appears as if the last team standing will be the Dallas Cowboys. [UPDATE: The Star-Telegram reports it won’t be the Cowboys.] The Jets will spin it as, ‘hey, we got impatient with this guy,’ but in reality, they got played. Asomugha was just looking for someone to make him the highest paid corner in the game, and Houston balked, then San Francisco did, but the Cowboys were more than willing to cough up the big bucks. and now Dallas has, too.

[UPDATE: The Eagles, who quietly swooped in and got Mike Vick a couple years ago, appear to have done the same thing with Asomugha, according to Jay Glazer. Terms of the deal are reportedly 5 years for $60 million with $20 million(ish) guaranteed.]

Positive spin from this Jets’ fan – hey, at least the Super Bowl pressure is off. And in saving the $10 million or whatever they were going to give Asomugha per year, the Jets can spend it keeping Antonio Cromartie and Braylon Edwards – that is, if those two even want to go back to New York after this week’s disaster.

Perhaps the Jets can get an upgrade over Edwards and lock down Green Bay’s James Jones … but frankly, I’d rather have Edwards (assuming the price is right). But Cromartie should be the top priority, because without him, the Jets are extremely weak at cornerback.

The Jets open the season against the Cowboys.