NJ Club Owner Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit After Town Wouldn't Let Him Name Bar "Buck Foston"

Ryan Glasspiegel

New Jersey club owner and avowed Yankees fan Lawrence Blatterfein wanted, apparently more than anything else, to name a pair of sports bars “Buck Foston’s Roadhouse”. It’s, like, a play on words because he hates the Red Sox. Get it?

Anyways, New Brunswick’s mayor James Cahill — a die hard Sox fan — blocked the establishment’s opening on the basis of its “vulgar” names. (Though, he claimed that he and the city council forbade the sports bar was that its presence would be a traffic burden on the town, which sounds like an excuse rather than a reason.)

Blatterfein had his day in court, and, as NJ.com reports, won $1.5 million when a federal jury ruled in his favor. Paraphrasing Mayor Cahill, this was a small price to pay for decency and smooth-flowing traffic.

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