Nikola Jokic Lost a Ton of Weight in Quarantine

Stephen Douglas
Nikola Jokic. Seriously.
Nikola Jokic. Seriously. /

Every person has reacted to the pandemic in their own unique way. Some people have taken the opportunity to get in shape. Some have let themselves go a bit. Nikola Jokic is the former. In videos posted on Twitter today, it appears that the Nuggets' young star center has dropped some serious weight while in quarantine. Like, he's more Porzingis than Doncic now. Look at him move in what, by definition, must be skinny jeans.

And here's a closeup video.

If the NBA resumes at Disney World next month, we may get some answers about what he did to go from an NBA-official 284 pounds to... whatever much smaller number he currently weighs. According to Matt Moore, the team is being cryptic about what they did to get the 25-year-old to undergo such a transformation while stuck in an apartment. It should also be fun to see what this means for him on the court.