Bizarre Denver Post Column: Wacky Underwear-Wearing Nikola Jokic Is Real MVP of Everyday Budweiser-Drinking Peeps

Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Joel Embiid was announced as the NBA's Most Valuable Player last night, edging out Nikola Jokic in what seems like the correct decision. But all is not lost for the Denver Nuggets unicorn, who has such honors to his name already, the best chance he's ever had to win a championship, and can hang up an amazing article from The Denver Post saying that he is the real MVP of "everyday Budweiser-drinking peeps."

Mark Kiszla's full thoughts are tucked safely behind a paywall but screenshots reveal that Jokic wears wacky underwear, so who gives a hoot about the official voting results?

And that's enough to digest for one day. Especially when you consider the confusion of what an every day Budweiser-drinking peep is given the ongoing boycott. Much to consider. A headline-subhead combination that goes impossibly hard.