Nicole Curran, Wife of Warriors Owner Joe Lacob, Disputes That She Was Annoying Beyoncé


Amidst all the excitement surrounding the Toronto Raptors’ Game 3 win over the Golden State Warriors, one particular topic has dominated discussion, and it has nothing to do with basketball or Drake. Shocking, I know. Jay-Z and Beyoncé attended the game on Wednesday, and caused quite the hubbub after an interaction with Joe Lacob’s wife, Nicole Curran.

Curran leaned over Beyoncé to talk to Jay-Z, and Beyoncé did not appear to be a fan of the interaction:

I can’t imagine something like that happens to Beyoncé, of all people, very often. So her reaction is understandable. It also went viral and gained a life of its own, as these things tend to do. Beyoncé’s fan base, who label themselves the Beyhive, brigaded Curran’s Instagram with bee emojis and admonishments for even thinking of doing such a thing to Beyoncé.

Early Thursday morning, Curran posted on Instagram and appeared to attempt to silence any talk of controversy, including literally removing the comments from that post. The post, a picture of her talking to Beyoncé with the caption “We should all help and support each other”, seems to dispute the fact that Beyoncé was annoyed by her actions, while admonishing the community as a whole for attempting to pit the two women against one another.

Thus concludes a riveting saga.