'Pig' Features Nic Cage as a Hermit Chef Searching For Revenge and His Kidnapped Truffle Pig

Stephen Douglas
PIG! /

Nicolas Cage has played some iconic characters and been in some dark movies, but I mean, come on. Look at the trailer for Pig in which Cage plays a former chef who has moved into the isolation of the woods of the Pacific Northwest to live with a truffle pig and his quest to get his pig back after it is pignapped.

First, I have to get this off my chest. John Woink. The Baconizer. Salted. Baken. Rooter.The Boar Identity. Hambo? Nope. We've gone too far. That's enough.

Switching up the "they killed my dog / kidnapped my family" trope with a pig looks amazing. Making Cage a self-exiled former Michelen-rated chef who remembers every dish he ever made who has to move into isolation because no one appreciated him? That's just delicious.

This movie looks awesome. I need to see it after watching this trailer. It's the only way to recover. Until then, I am uncured.