Nick Young Wants More Jason McIntyre On Undisputed

Ryan Glasspiegel
Jason McIntyre on FS1's Undisputed
Jason McIntyre on FS1's Undisputed /

Our site's founder and former boss Jason McIntyre has been on FS1's Undisputed this week alongside Chris Broussard, Rob Parker, and Greg Jennings. With the crew subbing in for Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, and Jenny Taft, apparent regular viewer Nick Young first weighed in that he wants the A-Crew back from vacation stat:

However, there was one element he wanted to see more of:

McIntyre is going to have to turn these tweets into a t-shirt or a framed photo for his house. When a moment like this happens, it can't just go into Twitter's ether. It has to be given a sense of permanence.