Nick Young Says Steve Kerr Rolls Best Blunts in NBA

By Kevin Gamgort

A five-time NBA champion as a player and three-time NBA champion as a coach, Stever Kerr is one of the most accomplished members of the NBA community. Now, according to former NBA player Nick Young, Kerr has another impressive skill to add to the resume.

On a recent interview with 97.5 The Game, a sports radio station in the Bay Area, Swaggy P claimed that Kerr is the best blunt roller in the entire NBA.

I mean, what isn’t this guy good at?

Although it’s uncertain whether Young is joking or not, Kerr has said in the past that he’s used marijuana. After suffering from excruciating back pain that resulted in surgery, Kerr turned to medical marijuana in 2016. However, he claims to have stopped because it didn’t agree with his system.

Whether Kerr smokes or not, don’t be surprised to see him receive a “random” drug test from the NBA come next season.