Nick Wright Has a Message for White People

Kyle Koster

Nick Wright was given a little over five uninterrupted minutes on First Things First to address the tinderbox that is America and it seems as though he could have gone for about 20 times that. He focused his message toward his fellow white people. It may strike a chord for those who want to help but feel helpless or don't know where to start. It may also enrage all those on the other side who have a very real and unflinching commitment to ensuring equality and justice for all remain but a dream.

It is at once refreshing to see this level of straight talk on sports television and depressing to see those in the replies moving the goal posts and muddying the waters, which has long been a regrettable American tradition.

Look, Wright doesn't have the answers. Nor do I, or you. But, damn, at least he's offering some reasonable solutions -- albeit stuff that requires humility and self-reflection. And you know what? If some politically divergent talking head wants to offer a different and comparably sane pathway forward, then give them five minutes on FS1 later.

All this conversation may end in a familiar dead end. Yet it's something to see just how open and raw people not usually given the latitude to navigate these waters are being. It makes sense, though.

Tough to really care about who gets the last NBA playoff spots right now.