Nick Wright: It's Almost Time for the Cleveland Browns to Panic

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Browns v San Francisco 49ers
Cleveland Browns v San Francisco 49ers / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns were humiliated by the San Francisco 49ers last night and, once again, Baker Mayfield did not look up to the task. The sophomore quarterback was good for 8-for-22 passing, 100 yards and two interceptions. This performance put his QBR at 1.4 and his rating at 13.4. One need not be a statistician to understand this is unsustainable if the Browns are to realize even half the goals they and the public believed they could reach this season.

Mayfield has completed 56 percent of has passes and thrown eight picks to go with only four touchdowns so far this season. He is rated behind 44 other passers. An offense that appeared explosive on paper has failed to catch fire.

At 2-3, Cleveland still has hope within the division. All hope is predicated on beating the Ravens again and figuring out how to play with some consistency. So it's not time to panic. But as Nick Wright pointed out this morning on First Things First, it's time to prepare for a future panic.

Seems fair.

The Browns next three games are home against Seattle, then at New England and Denver. It's very possible they are 2-6 at the halfway pole and all but out of contention. Something needs to change and quick otherwise, yeah, it'd be helpful to batten down the hatches as northern Ohio slowly realizes the sky is falling.