Nick Wright Wants to Be Enes Kanter's WWE Tag-Team Partner

Liam McKeone
Enes Kanter and Nick Wright, duo of the century
Enes Kanter and Nick Wright, duo of the century /

Enes Kanter is one of the more interesting players in the NBA today. His fun-loving and outsized personality make him a natural fit for WWE, a company that thrives off such characters. Kanter recently said he plans to join WWE after he's done with basketball, and already made a brief appearance in the ring ahead of the 2019 season, when he pinned R-Truth at Madison Square Garden and, for a short time, claimed the belt of WWE 24/7 champion.

Nick Wright apparently got wind of this and told Kanter on First Things First today that he wants to be his tag-team partner when the center does eventually make his way to the arena.

What a duo those two would make, especially if Wright leans into that hairdo.

Now that I think about it, I desperately want more sports media personalities to enter the WWE universe. Honestly, being a talking head on a daily TV show is not unlike being a wrestler. Sometimes you're the heel, but you have to embrace the role completely. The skillsets overlap outside of the physical part of things.

Wright would be fun, but imagine Skip Bayless ducking into the ring to pull out a figure four leg lock on a goat head-wearing Shannon Sharpe. Stephen A. Smith could finally clothesline Max Kellerman in an appropriate manner, seeing as Smith seems ready to leap off the screen and do just that to his debate partner on half of the First Take episodes aired so far. Colin Cowherd vs. Baker Mayfield would be pay-per-view gold.

Perhaps Wright can lead the way and become the mold-breaker we never knew we needed for sports media.