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Nick Wright Has a Lukewarm Dallas Cowboys Take

Stephen Douglas
Nick Wright
Nick Wright /

July has arrived, the NBA season is winding down and NFL training camp is fast approaching. Football season and pumpkin spice takes are just around the corner. That means it's time to start guaranteeing things about football teams. Nick Wright started in earnest this morning by saying the Dallas Cowboys would have the best offense in the NFC East this season.

That is not a bold take. The Washington Football Team and New York Giants had two of the three worst offenses in the entire NFL last season. The Eagles were tied for the 24th best offense in the league. The Cowboys were in the middle of the pack and they only got four and a half games out of Dak Prescott who finally got his big contract this offseason.

Even if the Giants, Eagles and WFT improve offensively this season, they'll still be chasing the Cowboys who will add a Pro Bowler at the most important offensive position. Wright is really going to need to step his takes up.

Now, whoever else was on set this morning that shouted "maybe in the NFL" from off camera? (Probably Brandon Marshall.) Saying the Cowboys will overtake offensive teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in year two of the Tom Brady era? That's a hot take.