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Nick Wright Doused in Ketchup and Mustard After Losing Bet to Colin Cowherd

Liam McKeone
Nick Wright Pays
Nick Wright Pays /

When the 2020 NFL season was young, Nick Wright made a bet with Colin Cowherd. Wright did not believe in the Buffalo Bills as a legit Super Bowl contender. He bet Cowherd the Bills would not reach the AFC Championship Game, he was so confident in his doubt of Buffalo. Cowherd agreed. The stakes? The loser would have to get doused in ketchup and mustard as an ode to one particular Bills Mafia member who does just that before every home game.

As luck would have it, the Bills won two playoff games and earned themselves a trip to Kansas City for a battle with the Chiefs and a trip to Super Bowl LV on the line. Cowherd came a-callin, and Wright made good on the bet.

Here it is.

The alternate angle replays were a nice touch. As was the hot dog. I wonder what Ian Eagle thinks about all this.

Studio hosts like this pair should make more bets like this. All are united in the pursuit of eyeballs and content. Regular Wright viewers probably tuned into The Herd today specifically to see this, and it would have been the same if the roles were reversed. Everybody wins, except the loser of the bet.