Nick Saban: Texas Regent Spoke To His Agent After BCS Title Game

By Ty Duffy

Earlier this summer, we speculated Nick Saban may end up at Texas. The Texas administration appears to be interested. The AP is reporting Texas Regent Wallace Hall and form Texas regent Tom Hicks, former owner of the Texas Rangers and Liverpool, spoke to Saban’s agent Jimmy Sexton following the BCS title game.

It’s not clear which side started the discussions. Hall would not identify the third party who proposed a discussion with Sexton to AP. Hicks, reportedly, had lunch with Mack Brown two days after the meeting, informed him about the meeting and asked if he was ready to retire. Brown declined the opportunity. Awkward…

Guessing this story won’t be going away soon. Expect both schools to be lining up boosters for an epic bidding war. First $10 million coach?