Nick Saban Responds to LeBron James: 'there's been at least 20 barber shop type things I've seen

By Vik Chokshi

On Monday, LeBron James sent a letter to Alabama to ask the Crimson Tide and coach Nick Saban to stop their new “Shop Talk” series, as he (his lawyers) believes it infringes on a copyright for his “Uninterrupted” company.

When Saban was asked about it, he didn’t sound like a man that was ready to give up on the Tide’s program.  Among many things, he said he didn’t even know James owned a similar barbershop-style program. He also said “there’s  been at least 20 barber shop type things I’ve seen on TV. I didn’t know he owned that.”

Check out his full response here:

LeBron kept it short and sweet when asked about it tonight saying:

"“The lawyers will figure it out”"

This probably isn’t going to be Saban’s decision, as the lawyers are now going to get involved and have their fun.  Let’s see how this one plays out, but I’m wondering if the makers of Coming to America are thinking about suing LeBron now…