Nick Saban Got Mad at the Media Again

Kyle Koster
Alabama v Texas A&M
Alabama v Texas A&M / Logan Riely/Getty Images

Nick Saban is contractually obligated to stand behind a podium and answer questions heaved at him from the unwashed masses. He really hates it, though is pretty good at masking that fact most of the time. But not always.

A question yesterday about perhaps getting third-string quarterback Tualia Tagovailoa some work in against Arkansas allowed Saban to don a Herm Edwards affect.

"We’re focused on winning the game, aight, so we’re going to try to win the game,” Saban said. “And we’re going to play the best players that we can play to win the game. And we’re not assuming it’s going to be an easy game, aight, and we’re not assuming we’ll have an opportunity just to play anybody that wants to play … to expedite anything but winning the game. So, we’re going to play everybody who can expedite winning the game. That’s what we’re going to do. So, I don’t think anybody should expect us to do anything else. … Man.”

Backup Mac Jones was quite unimpressive after Tua Tagovailoa went out with an injury last Saturday against Tennessee. Still, the Crimson Tide are expected to cruise.

Look, I'm a big protect-the-media guy, usually. In this case, though, Saban's in a tough spot. He doesn't want to say anything to rattle Jones' confidence or put the Razorbacks down. The reaction was probably a bit overstated, yet let those who don't occasionally blow off some steam when work gets annoying cast the first stone.