Nick Saban Is Now The 5th Highest-Paid Coach in American Sports

By Ty Duffy

Nick Saban will not be moving to Austin. But he will still be making an absurd amount of money for coaching an amateur athletic team. His new Alabama contract widens the gap between himself and the next highest-paid college football coach, paying him an average of $7 million/season.

Saban would be the fourth-highest paid coach in the NFL, behind Sean Payton ($8m), Bill Belichick ($7.5m) and Andy Reid ($7.5m). He is the second-highest paid figure in college athletics, behind Duke coach Mike Krzyewski who earns $7.2 million/year. He is level with Pete Carroll, Jeff Fisher, Mike Shanahan and highest-paid NBA coach Doc Rivers.

Some further context from Saban makes more than the entire budgets of 12 Division I athletics departments. He now costs more than the $6.8m it takes to run Alabama’s entire athletic dept. outside of football and basketball.

Saban earns $7 million/year more than the average scholarship football player at the University of Alabama.