Nick Saban Has Had a Contract Extension on His Desk For Six Days Now, Paul Finebaum Reports [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

Nick Saban, what are you waiting for?

According to the most popular sports radio personality in the South, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, Alabama football coach Nick Saban has had a contract extension on his desk since Friday, December 6th, but he hasn’t signed it.

What’s the hold up, Nick?

Alabama coach Nick Saban has had a contract extension on his desk since Friday, and the longer it goes unsigned, the more uncomfortable Alabama officials grow, sources said.

[UPDATE:A day later, ESPN has tweaked the original story. While there’s no byline to Finebaum, he is mentioned. “Saban has a verbal ‘offer of commitment’ from Alabama officials to make him the highest-paid coach in college football, a source told ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, rather than an actual contract, as earlier reported.”]

A few subplots worth contemplating: Paul Finebaum and Nick Saban are both represented by the same powerful sports agency, CAA. Finebaum’s agent, Nick Kahn, and Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, often work together. Surely someone will wonder, ‘is this Sexton planting an item with one client, in hopes of getting more money for another client?’

A less cynical view: Could Alabama be growing unhappy with Saban taking his sweet time, and perhaps be looking to apply pressure on the coach by leaking this story? And before you say, “why would Alabama pressure the best coach in college football?” Money, recruiting, the arduous task of replacing Saban, not wanting to be held hostage by a coach … where would you like to start?

In case you’re wondering, no, there’s nothing in the Fort Worth Star Telegram today about Nick Saban and the Texas job.