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Nick Saban Welcomes Brian Kelly's New Accent to the SEC

Kyle Koster
Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Brian Kelly's newfound Southern flair is still the funniest thing in sports some 13 hours after it debuted during last night's LSU-Ohio basketball game. While most people seem to think this is a new bit the former Notre Dame coach is committed to, there's some belief within the TBL Slack that he was merely trying to project his voice and ran into some accidental twang. Time will tell and, as is often the case, the actual facts do little to swing the comedy.

Barstool Sports' Joey Mulinaro, known for his dead-on work in the Nick Saban field, provided the best bit yet by imagining a phone conversation between the Alabama legend and his new SEC rival.

There's no telling how many people are going to watch this and then subconsciously firing up a John Grisham movie later today. The algorithm works in mysterious ways.