Was Nick Saban Recruiting This Reporter's Baby?

Kyle Koster
Michael Chang/GettyImages

Aaron Suttles was tasked with dad duty at a time overlapping with Nick Saban's media availability. So when the time came for him to ask a question over Zoom, there was a baby in his arms. Which rules because being a parent is seven zillion times more important than getting Saban's answer on defensive schemes or whatever the message boards are droning on about on any given day.

The multitasking father brought rare levity to Saban, who joked about finally getting to meet the boss.

A nice moment to be sure but also evidence of Saban always keeping his eye on the prize. This little guy could be a valued member of the 2039 recruiting class and there's never a second chance to make a first impression. Important to lay the groundwork early, buttering up both prospect and dad.