Nick Rolovich Announces He Won't Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Ryan Phillips
Oregon v Washington State
Oregon v Washington State / William Mancebo/Getty Images

Washington State head coach Nick Rolovich has announced he won't be getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Rolovich released a statement after it was revealed he would be participating in Pac-12 Media Day remotely instead of in person.

The Pac-12 is requiring all participants at next week's media day to be vaccinated if they wanted to attend in person. When the conference revealed the times coaches would be available to the media, Washington State's coach was listed as "remote," which raised some questions.

Rolovich posted the following to his Twitter account shortly after:

Rolovich says he has elected not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine "for reasons which will remain private." He continued, "While I have made my own decision, I respect that every individual -- including our coaches, staff and student-athletes -- can make his or her own decision regarding the COVID-19 vaccine." He concluded by saying he wouldn't comment further on the decision.

It's possible Rolovich has a condition which precludes him from getting the vaccine. It will be interesting to find out if that's true, because Washington State intends to requite "all employees and volunteers engaging in activities on a WSU worksite" to be vaccinated. There will be exemptions for medical, religious, or personal reasons, but those individuals will be subjected "to COVID-19 testing and/or other COVID-19 health measures."

This is certainly a story worth monitoring, especially if other college football coaches wind up opting out of getting vaccinated as well.