Nick Nurse's Home Court Advantage Solution is So Crazy It Just Might Work

Liam McKeone
Nick Nurse
Nick Nurse / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

One of the downsides of playing the NBA postseason at a neutral site is that there's no way to recreate home court advantage for the teams that earned it through dominant regular-season play. There were some ideas thrown around last week, but given any changes of that magnitude would require a two-thirds vote from the teams, none would be approved.

Nick Nurse was asked about that today, and drew on his Belgian League experience to half-jokingly throw out a proposal that's so crazy it just might work.

That's a great way to fix the imbalance of talent in a league like that. In terms of the NBA, a 30-point advantage might be a bit much. But this blogger believes this idea has some merit!

The first round of the playoffs rarely garners much excitement outside of the fourth vs. fifth seed series. It would give more excitement (but not drastically affect the outcome) if the first-seed Bucks spotted the eight-seed Magic 10-15 points.

The NBA could be using these strange times to experiment with different formats, but the closest they've come to it is a quasi-play-in-tournament for the eighth seed with very specific parameters. Let's have some fun with it. Let the worst teams start out with a lead!