Nick Mangold on Mark Sanchez vs. Brett Favre, a QB Who Stiffed Him, a Future in Coaching and His New BBQ Sauce

Brian Giuffra
Nick Mangold.
Nick Mangold. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Jets legend Nick Mangold is living the good life right now, spending time with family and distributing his own BBQ sauce -- with a possible Food Network show in the making (shhh, it's under wraps, more on that later). After seven Pro Bowl seasons and three All-Pro selections in the NFL, however, football remains close to his mind.

Mangold joined In My Bag to talk about his new ventures, which includes a coaching gig, as well as his time with the Jets. Here's what Mangold talked about with the full video below.

- Does he think the Jets make the playoffs in 2020 and does he wish Tom Brady wasn't in the AFC East when he played (0:54).

- How he got into BBQ sauce and which is his favorite (2:33).

- His feelings on losing the AFC Championship Game twice in a row (7:33)

- How Jets teammates handled the "butt fumble" aftermath around Mark Sanchez (14:14).

- What was the best gift he was given from a teammate, and did a teammate ever stiff him on a gift [the answer is yes] (11:01).

- Would he rather have Brett Favre or Mark Sanchez leading a two-minute drill (21:15).

- Would he rather build a team around Sam Darnold or Lamar Jackson and who would he rather block for (22:22).

- A new show on Food Network featuring him in development (23:48).