Nick Kyrgios Joked, 'I Feel Like I'm In The Last Dance,' When Reporters Asked About Assault Allegations

Liam McKeone
Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Nick Kyrgios has been the subject of much discussion at this year's Wimbledon tournament as he's clashed with umpires and reporters alike over the last two weeks of tennis. Kyrgios is set to play a quarterfinals match against Cristian Garín on Wednesday, but will be faced with far more questions concerning what's happening off the court; on Tuesday, the player was charged with assaulting Chiara Passari, his ex-girlfriend, in Australia.

After practice today, reporters swarmed Kyrgios asking if he had any comment on the allegations. Kyrgios, predictably, chose to not answer any questions about his legal case but did joke, "I feel like I'm in The Last Dance," and shared a laugh with man walking beside him.

Kyrgios presumably felt that way because of the sheer number of cameras surrounding him after an otherwise uneventful practice session, but such a cavalier attitude is probably not the best route to take when facing assault allegations. This was made evident by the way one media member then asked if he thought this was funny.

For now, Kyrgios' barrister, Jason Moffett, is doing the talking and told media that his client takes the allegations "very seriously." He is due in court in August.