Nick Castellanos Let a Reds Fan Give His Postgame Interview and He Slammed Rob Manfred

Stephen Douglas
Nick Castellanos fist bumps a Reds fan in Denver.
Nick Castellanos fist bumps a Reds fan in Denver. /

Nick Castellanos had a great game on Saturday going 3-for-5 including his 10th home run of the season in a Reds win over the Colorado Rockies, 6-5. After hitting the home run Castellanos walked over to the stands and fist bumped a fan in Denver. That alone is a pretty rare and cool moment, but then after the game, Castellanos let the fan give an interview with the Cincy broadcast. And the fan went on television and said that he told Castellanos to "imagine Rob Manfred's face on the baseball."

It is highly unlikely we ever see anything like that again. We might also see another player ever get fined for something a fan said, but that's probably going to happen, right? Rob Manfred can't possibly be okay with players tacitly confirm they are pretending to hit him with a baseball bat. That probably sends the wrong message, even if it does make for excellent television.

What is it about Castellanos that makes for such groundbreaking and intriguing television anyway?