Huge Brawl Breaks Out During Nice-Marseille Match As Fans Storm Field

Nice fans storm the pitch in huge brawl
Nice fans storm the pitch in huge brawl /

Another day, more horrendous fan behavior. This time supporters of French soccer club Nice got involved.

Dimitri Payet was minding his own business attempting to take a corner kick his Marseille club had earned. As he moved to the corner of the pitch, he was hit in the head with a bottle thrown by Nice fans. Payet was visibly angry and launched the projectile back into the crowd. Then all hell broke loose.

Yes, fans stormed the pitch attempting to fight Payet for throwing their own bottle back to them. It was an insane scene unlike anything we've seen in European soccer this year.

What's this member of Marseille's coaching staff take a shot at a fan who made it on to the pitch:

Dude got what he deserved there.

The match was suspended as a result of the mayhem. Frankly, Nice needs to be punished for the actions of its fans and the clear lack of security in place. And any fans who threw things or attempted to get onto the field need to be banned for life.