NHL Network's 'Behind the Glass' Lands in Philadelphia Flyers Camp

By Geoff Magliocchetti

NHL Network’s Behind the Glass will descend upon the land of Magic Gardens, goals, Gostisbehere, and Gritty.

Hockey’s answer to Hard Knocks will spend its September at training camp for the Philadelphia Flyers. The team released a trailer for the series on Wednesday, advertising a September 25 premiere.

This will mark the second season of the hockey docuseries. The opening season spent time at the New Jersey Devils’ base of operations. This also means NHL Network had a full calendar year to think of a better name for their showcase. Hard Knocks is appropriate as there are few places in an NFL training camp that don’t knock you down hard. Behind the Glass, though, is a spot normally reserved for the fans. It’d be like naming Hard Knocks after a tailgate.

While an alternate name might not roll off the tongue as easily, the title might well refer to the “other” side of the glass, the one where actual hockey is being played. So, in other words, they could go the Obi-Wan Kenobi route in that the title true “from a certain point of view”. Either way, NHL Network might’ve fanned on the shot when it comes to the name.

Behind the Glass’ second season is slated to run for four episodes, beginning Wednesday, September 25 on NHL Network. The remaining three episodes will follow on the ensuing trio of Mondays. Episodes will also run on Sportsnet in Canada, as well as the league’s social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and IGTV.