NFL Wild Card Weekend Games Ranked

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady points to the best matchups of the weekend.
Tom Brady points to the best matchups of the weekend. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL regular season is over and the playoffs are here. You would not be advised to miss any of the games, but if you had to, here are the games ranked from best to worst. Plan accordingly.

1. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles
4:40pm Sunday

12 of Seattle's 16 games this year were decided by one possession. 11 of Philadelphia's games were decided by one possession. The Eagles barely made the playoffs. The Seahawks almost had a first round bye. The Eagles are at home and the Seahawks are 7-1 on the road. No quarterback has been doing more with less than Carson Wentz. Russell Wilson routinely makes spectacular plays. Marshawn Lynch is back. The Eagles probably wished they had brought him in to workout as a wide receiver. It'll be a barnburner.

2. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints
1:05pm Sunday

This was two seasons ago. They meet again with the third and eight highest scoring offenses in the league this season. What more can you ask for?

3. Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans
4:35pm Saturday

This is the Bills' second trip to the playoffs under Sean McDermott and first trip with Josh Allen. The Bills have the lowest scoring offense of any playoff team. The Texans have the third lowest scoring offense. But they do have Deshaun Watson, which in theory should make the game more exciting. This is a matchup of the AFC playoff teams with the closest season point differentials.

4. Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots
8:15pm Saturday

Could this really be the end of the Patriots dynasty? Could this really be Tom Brady's final game in New England as a member of the Patriots? It is supposedly a possibility. Even with the matchup against former teammate Mike Vrabel, it seems like such a boring way for Brady to go out.