Don't Expect Big Uniform Changes From Other NFL Teams After Falcons, Bucs Reveals

Liam McKeone
Falcons' new uniforms
Falcons' new uniforms /

There's always a mixture of excitement and nerves when your NFL team decides to give their uniforms a makeover. Most fans spend time imagining how much cooler their uniforms could be if only one or two things were different, but the chance someone just screws it all up always looms large.

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This is the process Falcons and Bucs fans went through before their uniform reveals this week. Tampa Bay finally took away those godawful clock numbers and introduced a somewhat-cool-looking pewter alternate, but otherwise didn't change much. The Falcons tragically added ATL to the front of their uniforms (never a good look) and added a gradient alternate that looks like something my 10-year-old self would have dreamed up in Madden's Create-A-Team mode. To a lesser extent, the Rams made everyone upset, including their best player in franchise history, by changing their logos.

With that in mind, fans of the Colts, Patriots, and Browns should temper their expectations. All three teams are expected to reveal new uniform designs at some point this offseason. Not all will be as complete an overhaul as Atlanta. If anything, the Patriots and Colts, who already have solid foundations, will only be making minor changes. But, if anything, the new uniforms we've seen so far suggest the coming changes won't be massive improvements.

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For every good uniform change, there are several terrible ones, as the old saying goes (I think). Perhaps the future will be bright in that regard after two underwhelming changes from the NFC South, but no one should hold out hope for both big and positive changes. It's usually one or the other.