NFL Trolls Patriots With "PSI" Tweet About Franchise Quarterbacks Featuring Picture of Andrew Luck

Stephen Douglas

"Precision. Strength. Intelligence. Head Coaches tell us what it takes to be a franchise QB:"

— NFL (@nfl) May 21, 2015

Early Thursday morning, the official NFL Twitter account tweeted a link to a video where coaches talk about what it takes to be a franchise quarterback. Some of the words used included winning, intangibles, ability, arm strength, accuracy, presence, precise, intelligence, toughness and leadership. Which words did the person running @NFL choose to tweet? The three that – when put in a certain order – can be abbreviated as P.S.I. The accompanying image is of Andrew Luck.

Now, “trolling” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but this time, it’s perfect. Much like Wendy Peffercorn applying sunscreen, the NFL knows exactly what it is doing. It’s a fun little bit of needling from whoever is in charge of social media for the league. This tweet, which is really harmless, comes a few days after the Patriots agreed to take their punishment. And before anybody gets bent out of shape, it’s not like they tweeted LOOK OUT! to tease an upcoming announcement. That would be going a bit too far.