Now is Certainly Not the Time to Complain About a 3-Hour NFL Schedule Release

Kyle Koster
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Look, no one enjoys pointing out the bloat and excess of the sports content machine more than me, but a person must always endeavor to be fair. In normal times, a three-hour, made-for-television production in which the NFL schedule is slowly bled out to the public is the very definition of unnecessary. And as much as the better angles of nature tell me to just let people enjoy things, I feel even more compelled to point out absurdity when it rears its head.

But friends, these are not normal times. These are desperate times. The sports drought is bad and getting worse. Any bit of content to quench that thirst is being chugged as if another drop may never come because, well, that's always a possibility.

NFL Network could release the season a game at a time with all deliberate speed, spreading it over 18 hours and people would still watch. ESPN could devote a week straight to sorting and organizing the contests into groups. FS1 could interview the damn schedule-makers and I'd instruct the team here to scroll it for aggregation content.

We must celebrate the little things because they big things seem so far off right now. If ever there was an even moderate justification for 180 minutes of schedule-reading, this is it.

Enjoy the fat tonight, guys. Don't spend any energy trying to trim it off the steak. You're going to have to live off that sustenance for a long, long time.