NFL Teams Ranked By Social Media Following

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The NFL is a year-long competition. Once the regular season ends it is on to the business of building up for next season. Through it all runs the quest for more eyeballs and relevance as 32 franchises try to capitalize on interest in America's biggest sport.

Amassing and maintaining strong social reach is of paramount importance and we all kind of know which teams are the heavy hitters when it comes to winning the news cycles. Casino Alpha crunched the social media numbers for each team to see which have the most followers and which have some work to do.

Their findings are really interesting because it's clear that not every franchise is going about it in the same way. Some have built up Tik Tok. Others have largely ignored it. Some are huge on Instagram while others rely on Twitter.

Here is every NFL team, ranked by their social media following.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence, Evan Engram, Jawaan Taylor
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Tik Tok: 503K

Instagram: 751K

Twitter: 824K

Total: 2.078M