NFL Teams Will Have a Hard Time Proving Where Players Contracted COVID-19

Stephen Douglas

If the NFL plays games in 2020, the league is going to punish players who contract coronavirus away from their football team. If a team determines that a player who tests positive after a high-risk activity could face team discipline and be designated with a non-football injury. Via ESPN:

"Players were told weeks ago on a conference call with NFLPA leadership that they could face discipline, including fines, for conduct detrimental to the team if they are found to have contracted COVID-19 through reckless activity away from the facility. This weekend's memo reinforces that and says that such activity could allow a team to challenge the status of a COVID-19 diagnosis as a football injury."

I'm no lawyer, which means my legal opinion comes from the heart, where it means more. So I just don't see how a team can prove where a player got infected. Lou Williams just went to a strip club but hasn't tested positive yet. And even if he does, how do you know he didn't get it from an asymptomatic person in a low-risk scenario?

The league needs to consider anything to do with coronavirus force majeure. Until we have a nationwide COVID-19 plan, there is no stopping it unless you stay home. And you can't stay home if you're being asked to go play football every day. I can't believe there would not be legal action the first time a team tried to not pay a player. It just seems like another impossible problem right now.