NFL Teams Bringing Their Own Benches to Games Is Stupid and I Love It

The Dallas Cowboys made good on Mike McCarthy's promise to beat the Washington Football Team in Week 14 from the comfort of benches they had flown in special for the NFC East event. It was either a brilliant and essential bit of gamesmanship or reflective of nothing more than this Cowboys team is empirically better than WFT. Not to be outdone, or rather not to leave well enough alone, Washington has decided to do the very same bit for this Sunday's rematch in Dallas. And for the rest of the regular season.

Those sure are nice benches. It'd be a shame if someone created extra work and expense for themselves by making sure they have some place to sit after the remove the existing seating. This feels like a very painful example of Galaxy Brain spilling into real life.

There is absolutely no way the new setup is going to give the visiting team a greater chance of winning. It simply can't. Meaning that all costs and labor going into executing the project is a complete waste. NFL teams do not need to do this. Though, if I were to bet, they'll all be doing it by next season. It's a copycat league in ways big and small.

So, so stupid. Sports are truly the best. As long as you're not the person in charge of logistics because your to-do list just got longer.