NFL Network Will Air a 3-Hour Schedule Release Show on Thursday

Kyle Koster
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The NFL will release its schedule for the fall on Thursday night with the obvious caveat clear to thinking people everywhere: Things could definitely change between the presentation of the best-laid plans and actual games being played. Dubbed Schedule Release 20, the big reveal will take place in the form of a three-hour jamboree on NFL Network beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

Not to tell the biggest sports league in the country how to do business, but three hours hardly seems long enough. They could stretch this puppy out to six or seven hours and people would still tune in. We're in a content desert and those with even a canteen full of new information capable of quenching the thirst can make any rules they wish.

This is one of those annual events especially prone to leaks. As a fearless defender of the Fourth Estate, I feel a bit uncomfortable asking journalists not to break news about specific matchups and dates beforehand. But at the same time, having some intrigue in the sports department is such a rarity these days that ruining the surprise feels a bit mean.

Strange times. At least there's scheduled football.