NFL's 4th-and-15 Proposal to End Onside Kicks Is Gaining Support

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins players attempt to recover an onside kick against the Philadelphia Eagles | Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Onside kicks were a disaster in the NFL during the 2019 season, as the league outlawed running starts for the kicking team. That dramatically lessened their effectiveness and led to calls for alternatives. Now a new proposal is gaining steam.

The Philadelphia Eagles proposed a change that would allow teams to line up from their own 25-yard-line facing a 4th and 15. They would be able to retain possession if they could convert the first down. If they failed, the opposing team would take over from the dead ball spot. Teams would be allowed to use the option twice a game, while the classic onside kick would stay an option.

ProFootballTalk reports that the proposal is gaining steam around the league and will be voted on at a meeting later this month.

Frankly, this would be a great alternative. The effectiveness of onside kicks dropped precipitously over the past few seasons and the with the 2019 rule change it's nearly impossible to convert them. The Pro Bowl already experimented with this rule and it had a widespread support. Moving it to the regular season is the next step.

Hopefully this moves forward because it would dramatically change end-of-game scenarios and make them far more exciting.