NFL Network's Mike Garafolo Used Reddit to Scoop John Ross Story

Liam McKeone
Mike Garafolo on NFL Network
Mike Garafolo on NFL Network /

Reddit is usually a strange and fascinating place, but can be quite informational more often than not. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo showed just how useful it could be on television today, where he revealed that he got his initial scoop on John Ross' return to the Cincinnati Bengals from a Reddit user.

For those not in the know, Ross returned to California shortly after Bengals camp started because his young son and his mother tested positive for COVID-19. While in the sunshine state, Ross ran into Reddit user u/akilles_XXVII and told him he'd be heading back to camp soon. The user then posted that information to the r/NFL Reddit page. Garafolo, apparently a peruser of the NFL subreddit, saw that report and reached out to sources to confirm. Turns out, this anonymous Reddit user was not lying and Ross was indeed headed back to camp, although Garafolo could not nail down a particular timeline.

Man. What a time to be alive. An NFL insider is using Reddit scoops to do some reporting, then crediting the user on air. Clearly we're close to Reddit surpassing Twitter as the scoop medium of the year.