NFL Network's Mike Garafolo Startled By Particularly Aggressive Butterfly at Eagles Training Camp

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and a winged creature.
NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and a winged creature. /

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network was reporting from Philadelphia today outside Eagles camp when he was attacked by a creature with wings. Unfortunately for Garafolo's tough guy reputation, that creature was a butterfly so when he reacted like a bald eagle or ice dragon was bearing down on him, he looked a little silly.

To his credit, he leaned into it. By "it" I mean the jokes, not the butterfly. As Garafolo points out, it was a big butterfly. At this point the best thing for him would be if a Lepidopterologist could confirm that this was a larger than average butterfly. It's that's your standard butterfly, all the jokes on Twitter stand, but if that was indeed a big butterfly, he should be considered a hero for finishing his segment.