NFL Helped Josh Brown's Wife Change Hotel Rooms at Pro Bowl After She Alleged He Was Drunk


Josh Brown news continues to come out today. First, we found out this morning that there was a lot more evidence where he admitted to physically abusing his wife, Molly Brown.

Further, according to, Molly Brown told police about being at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and how it was a big mistake to go. They were in the process of getting divorced, but she took the kids and went to Hawaii with him because he offered to pay all expenses. She alleged that he was drunk and banging on her hotel door on the Friday before the game, and she arranged with NFL security to move her and her children to different rooms.

Today, Ralph Vacchiano cites a league source who says that the league did not move the children, but did move Molly Brown to a different room. That source says that the family was back together on Saturday and Sunday. The league would have known about the incident at the hotel at the time of the one-game suspension decision.

The league, which drew criticism at the time of the suspension for it being too lenient, has released a statement regarding Brown.

Based on that, you would suspect a further punishment to be announced soon, and another messy situation since the league ruled once, and now is trying to increase the punishment.