Adam Schefter Says Teams Are Concerned They Might Screw Over Free Agents They Haven't Technically Signed

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

While other sports leagues shut down over the last few weeks, the NFL went ahead with their offseason as scheduled. That means teams and players are forging into the future, negotiating deals over the phone or Internet. Still, some teams are expressing concern that... they might end up screwing over free agents depending on how the NFL Draft goes.

This single tweet from Adam Schefter inspires more questions than answers. Why aren't players signing documents electronically? Is there a different hangup? Like, say, any deal pending a team physical is impossible to complete because players can't travel to another city to see a doctor for something this unimportant (unless they need Tommy John surgery, of course).

So are teams raising these concerns on behalf of players they signed? Players who signed with other teams? How about teams just stick to any deal they agree upon? Then they can go about cutting the guy unceremoniously during training camp like usual. There has to be a way to get around this with some language in the contract.