NFL Media Upset About Diet Soda Availability at Draft Combine

Stephen Douglas
People love diet soda.
People love diet soda. / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Is there anything that people are more passionate about than diet soda? Things reportedly got heated in the media room at the NFL Scouting Combine today when they ran out of Diet Pepsi:

Diet soda sometimes seems like the Bruce Springsteen of beverages for sports media members. New York sports talk king Mike Francesa has a long, proud relationship with Diet Coke.

It's not just the media. Ahead of Wilder - Fury 2, it was reported that Tyson Fury had given up his 20-30 Diet Coke a day habit to prepare for the fight. Donald Trump, who often attends sporting events, reportedly drinks so much Diet Coke he has a red button on his desk that he can order refills with.

Imagine telling Tyson Fury or Donald Trump they had to wait 45 minutes for a diet soda. Based on the way the media handles it, that doesn't seem like a message you would want to deliver.