NFL Admits Referees Blew A Call That Cost The Colts Points In An Overtime Loss

Stephen Douglas

The Los Angeles Chargers beat the Indianapolis Colts in overtime on Sunday, 30-24. Today the NFL admitted to the Colts that referees blew a call in the 1st quarter that ended up turning a Chargers field goal into a Chargers touchdown. You do the math!

On the Chargers’ second drive of the 1st quarter, the Colts forced a 22-yard field goal attempt by Ty Long. Long made the kick, but referees called an unnecessary roughness penalty on defensive tackle Denico Autry. The penalty gave the Colts a 1st down and they scored a touchdown two plays later. The Colts sent the play into the league and the league responded by saying that the call was incorrect. Oops!

So now what? Well, nothing. Even if this had happened in the final minute of regulation, it wouldn’t mean anything. The NFL admitted that their referees blew a call, which is nice, but there’s no way to know what would have happened if no penalty was called on that play. It’s like admitting that a butterfly shouldn’t have flapped its wings. The only thing that might happen as a result of this admission of incompetence is that the replay rules become more complicated next season.

No matter what, the only winners here are the Chargers.