Adam Schefter Dropped an Important Nugget About Projected 2021 NFL Salary Cap That No One is Talking About

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Mahomes needs a new deal.
Patrick Mahomes needs a new deal. / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Adam Schefter appeared on the My Sports Update Football Podcast on Tuesday. During the pod, Schefter pointed out that the NFL stands to lose billions in revenue in the coming season which would affect the 2021 salary cap in a very bad way. If the league does lose billions in revenue, Schefter estimates the cap could drop by $30-$80 million.

The current cap for 2021 is estimated to be around $215 million. To cut that by a quarter to a third is insane. The Saints and Eagles already have enough players under contract in 2021 to exceed the original number. Twenty-seven teams would already be at the cap number if it dropped by $80 million. How in the heck would teams deal with that? How many players would have to rework deals? What does someone like Patrick Mahomes do?

The owners are just going to have to take that money out of the profits. Sorry, billionaires. Profits will go back through the roof in a year if America can somehow get its act together and people can gather in public again. Otherwise, what do you do in 2022? Increase the cap by $100 million? How does this not end in another work stoppage? One or both sides is going to feel wronged here and it seems like things are going to get very complicated. Dropping the cap just sounds like a disaster.